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Table of Contents of the Book

Wendee Radmall, a grand daughter of Bergloit and Arthur Thompson, has compiled a book of family recipes. The recipes include traditional Norwegian recipes for Norwegian Pancakes, Norwegian Rice Cream, Berlinerkranser, Fattigmender, Flatbread, Kransekaker, Krumkaker, Lutefisk, Pecan Delights, Pepper Cookies, Raspberry Sauce, and Spritz Cookies. In addition there are recipes for many other dishes that are loved by all of us, such as Mor Mor's Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey dinner. In all, there are 90  8 1/2 x 11 inch pages, with multiple recipes per page.

The book is called Heritage Recipes and is available from Gary Thompson (agarythom [at] gmail [dot] com), Wendee's father. The cost is $8.00 plus shipping. The book and a mailing envelope weigh 12 ounces. If you would like copies of the book, contact Gary directly.

I've put the Table of Contents of the book online so you'll have a list of the recipes in the book.

Table of Contents of the Book

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