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What I Remember about
Grandmother Ingrid

By Martin R. Christiansen
April 1997

In 1951 our family moved into the duplex on Atkin Avenue next door to Grandma Ingrid and Art Lawrence, her husband. When we moved in I was three years old, and my brother Michael was about one year old. Connie and Wade Scott were born into our family during the time we lived there.

During those years, we would visit Grandma almost every day, or sometimes she would take care of us when Mom went shopping or out of town with Dad. During these visits Grandma would make certain we did not go hungry. She would fix us goat cheese sandwiches and juice of every kind. She would sing us Norwegian songs, the words being Norwegian nursery rhymes, to entertain us. Many times she would sing and rock the smaller children on her lap until they went to sleep.

We moved from the duplex in February 1958. When Mom and Dad went out of town, Grandma and Art would come to take care of us. One of these trips I remember was in November of 1962. Mom and Dad went to New York over the Thanksgiving holiday. Grandma was a wonderful cook, and she fixed the greatest Thanksgiving dinner to make our holiday more enjoyable. She fed us Norwegian pancakes for breakfast, and she always made certain that none of us went hungry.

She made the greatest soups I ever ate. She used whatever was available. One day she made the best soup from hot dogs, which was so delicious I will always remember it.

In addition to feeding our stomachs, she always served up plenty of love. I shall always cherish these years.


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