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A Prayer Answered

By Martin E. Turner
April 1997

Signe & Martin Turner

Mother Ingrid enjoyed fishing. Whenever we went fishing we would ask her if she would like to go with us. I shall always remember one memorable trip to Yellowstone Park where we fished on Yellowstone Lake. Yellowstone Lake can be very treacherous when the wind blows. We had fished for several days, and our plan was to go fishing one more time the next morning before leaving for home that afternoon.

The morning of the last day the wind was blowing, and the lake was too rough to go out on. I felt that it would be very dangerous to try fishing so we decided that we would have our noon meal and then head for home. Signe prepared the meal and we sat down to eat. I invited Mother to ask the blessing on the food, which she did. In her prayer she asked the Lord to calm, the waters on the lake so we could go fishing one more time ,before returning home. The waters did calm down; and since the Lord had answered her prayer, I decided I had better act as proxy for the Lord and take her fishing before returning home.

I shall always remember this happy occasion and the great faith she had that her prayer would be answered.


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