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By Bergliot (Paulsen) Thompson
April 1997

Sometime before my fourth or fifth birthday, I remember visiting in Onkle Simon and Tante Ingridís home, which was next to ours in Lava Side, Idaho. Onkle came home from town with a magical phonograph. Music meant dancing to Onkle Simon. He danced with me. After we had all moved to Salt Lake and we visited their home on West Temple, I was always delighted to be asked to dance. I have been hooked ever since, finding great joy in dancing at every opportunity.

Tante Ingrid blessed all our lives with her optimism and good cheer. She had a solution to any problem we might have. Twice in the early years of our marriage, she let us move into one or the other side of the duplex on Major Street to tide us over until we could find a suitable place to live.

What a lucky family we are to enjoy each other all these years and continue to love and be loved - a wonderful blessing.


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