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Charles Ellingsen, Slekten Ellingsen. Translated to English by Annette Dyer

Christen Ellingsen, son of Jens Ellingsen. Christen Ellingsen [grandfather of Karen Mikkelborg Ellingsen] was born on 15 February 1762 at Saltnes, Norway, baptized, Saturday in the 3rd week of the Fast (13 March) of the same year, and confirmed 3 May 1778 in Saltdal at age 16. He came at a young age, in the 1790s, to Hustad, Norway in Lodingen, a large Nordlands farm with rich cultural and mercantile traditions. Hustad was, since the old days, the headquarters for the whole district between Oksforden and Kanstadfjorden. The Viking graves there speak their silent language about the great people from saga times.

This headquarters should, as had so many others, have experienced decay or decline. The large goods became the church's property. When Christen Ellingsen got there he began the process of leasing the land, but received property rights [ownership] with a deed of conveyance dated January 25, 1813. At that time it was a property spread over six bays, The previous owner was Giert Rasmussen Lind who died at the end of 1811 or beginning of 1812. Christen Ellingsen was an exceedingly enterprising and ambitious man who operated a considerable business and cargo boat transportation, similar to his other six brothers, around to places in Lofoten and Vesterålen.

Christen married Ane Kristina Falk in Sortland, Norway, 5 Dec 1793. Ane was baptized on Dom.VI post Trinit. (26 July), 1772 in Sortland. She was confirmed a the age of 16 on,Dom. 19 p Trinit. (28 Sep) 1788 in Sortland. She grew up in Sortland in a wealthy family with rich traditions. This made her highly qualified to take over the management and affairs of the houshold at Hustad. She died at Hustad, in September 1803, and was buried in Lødingen, 10 October 1803. She was 31 years old.

On 20 June 1804, Christen married his first wives sister Christiana Falk. She was baptized Feria II Pascales, (1 April 1771), in Sortland, Norway. She died at Hustad, Norway in 1818, and was buried in Lødingen, 26 Oct 1818.

Christen was the father of 11 children. Seven by his first wife Ane, and four by his second wife Christiana.

Both of Christen’s wives were the daughters of Jonas Christensen Falk. He was a successful merchant and businessman in Sortland. He was born 21 January 1732, and died 18 October 1781. He married Karen Schøller Rosenvinge Dishington, 23 November 1766. She was baptized 21 November 1743, and died 18 January 1831.

By studying half of the national census of 1801 you get a real impression and confirmation that, from the count for Hustad, Ellingsen had 21 people in his employ. Besides his wife, one son and three daughters, there was a cargo boat pilot, four hired men and eight servant girls. In addition, his brother's daughter, 18 year old Grethe Ellingsen, and his father's brother's daughter’s son (his cousin's son), 7 year old Lucinius Ellingsen lived there. In addition to Christen Ellingsen’s household there were two other families living at Hustad, The Giert Rasmussen Lind family of 15 people, and Sheriff Israel Svane with a family of 6, bring a total population of 42 living at Hustad in 1801. Of the other farms with large households in Nordland, Norway in 1801, one finds at Helgeland landlord Anders Dass at Strand in Nesna with 31 people; Jonas Greger at Nord-Heroy with 22.


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