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Charles Ellingsen, Slekten Ellingsen. Translated to English by Annette Dyer

Abel Ellingsen [father of Karen Mikkelborg Ellingsen] was born on 4 October 1804 at Hustad, Norway, was baptized on 14 November of the same year, and confirmed on 23 July 1820 in Lødingen, Norway. He was presumably in his father's service particularly with the trade business and Jekt operation for the first years of his youth. Probably in 1829 or the years just before, he came to Sortland in Vesterålan as a business manager in the firm of Abel and Jens Ellingsen, who died respectively in 1828 and 1826. Abel Ellingsen was his uncle, and Jens Ellingsen, Abel’s son, was his cousin. On 6 July 1829 he wrote from the house's address a lease letter for 1/2 pounds for tax roll property number 25, Rodsand, to Anders Larsen.

Around 1829 he married Karen Margrethe Mikkelborg. the widow of his cousin Jens Ellingsen. At about the same time he had taken over all management of the business and cargo boat operation, because Jens Ellingsen's three sons were still too young for that responsibility. On 17 March 1835 he received a landlord license. In Norway's land register for 1838 his title is "businessman," but as we understand it he worked a triple operation as a businessman, a cargo boat skipper, and landlord. He died on 10 March 1880 at sea and was buried in Sortland, Norway, on 30 April 1882.

He married for the first time around 1829 to his second cousin Karen Mikkelborg, who was baptized on 13 June 1779 in Luroy, Norway died on 14 September 1844, and was buried on 29 September of the same year in Sortland. She was approximately 50, years old when they married and 65 years of age when she died.

He married for the second time on 26 July 1845 in Sortland to Margrethe Sophie Glad, who was born on 18 February 1820 at Blokken, Norway. She had a private (home] baptism on 27 February which was documented in the Sortland Church on 21 May of the same year. She died at the home of her daughter in Djupfjord on 15 September 1891 and was buried on 27 September of the same year at Sortland. She was 71 years and 7 months old.

Abel Ellingsen had six children in his first marriage, five in his second marriage and one outside of wedlock. According to church records Abel Ellingsen had a child who was born illegitimate in 1843, Eilert Martinus Abelsen, with a woman named Hanna Petronelle Ingebrigtsdatter. This would have occurred one year before the death of Karen Margrethe Mikkelborg.


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