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The family tree contains genealogies, stories, memories, and experiences that have been contributed by family members. These stories include the Bergstedt, Christiansen, and Paulsen families and the families of their spouses and related branches of their family trees.

Each branch of the family tree is responsible to decide how they want to use this web site and to decide what stories and genealogical data will be submitted for inclusion in the site.

Click on the link for the family you want to visit.

bulletThe Sommarset and Hundness Farms

bulletJohan Henrik Bergstedt and Ingeborg Ovadia Osmundsen


bullet#1 Anna Kristina Bergstedt Fougner (1874 - 1943)
bullet#1 Eli Fougner (1898 - 1993)
bullet#2 Johan Georg Bergstedt (1876 - )
bulletJohan Henrik Bergstedt and Charlotte Marie Mathiasson


bullet#1 Ingeborg Ovedia Bergstedt (1885 - 1970)
bullet#2 Johanne Charlotte Bergstedt (1886 - 1964)
bullet#3 Gustav William  Bergstedt (1888 - 1956)
bullet#4 Karl Herman Bergstedt (1889 - unknown)
bullet#5 Magnhild Caroline Bergstedt (1891 - 1960)
bullet#6 Emma Fredrikke Bergstedt (1893 - 1918)
bullet#7 Borghild Marie Bergstedt (1895 - 1987)
bullet#8 Ragna Hildeborg Bergstedt (1897 - 1975)
bullet#9 Henrik Waldemar Bergstedt (1898 - 1973)
bullet#10 Dagny Louisa Bergstedt (1901 - 1969)
bullet#11 Selma Pauline Bergstedt (1903 - 1970)
Johan Henrik Bergstedt Descendants
bulletPaul Andreas Paulsen and Karen Mikkelborg Ellingsen


bulletThe Family Benkestok
bulletElling Christophersen
bulletJens Ellingsen
bulletChristen Ellingsen
bulletAbel Ellingsen


bullet#1 Anne Marie Paulsen (1878 - 1955)
bullet#2 Erling Kristian Paulsen (1880 - 1961)
bullet#3 Paul Ingvald Paulsen (1882 - 1974)
bullet#4 Abel Magnus Paulsen (1884 - 1963)
bullet#5 Marie Sofie Paulsen (1886 - 1886)
bullet#6 Ingrid Marie Amalie Paulsen (1888 - 1963)
bulletSimon Martin Christiansen

bullet#1 Rolf Christiansen (1908 - 2003)
bullet#2 Harold (1909)
bullet#3 Signe Christiansen (1911 - 1999)
bullet#4 Walter Christiansen (1914 - 1996)
bullet#5 Birger Christiansen (1916 - 1921)
bullet#6 Waldemar (1918)
bullet#7 Elsie Christiansen (1921 - 1922)
bullet#8 Esther Christiansen (1923)
bullet#9 Simon Martin Christiansen (1926)

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The Online Genealogical Data sections of the site contain pictures of some of the people. These pictures are set up to be used with PAF 4 or 5. Click the following link to get a list of the pictures. Right-click the pictures to download them. Do not change the names of the pictures. For use with PAF 4 or 5, save the pictures in a folder called bergstedtchristiansenpaulsenwebmultimedia that is in the folder containing your PAF 4 or 5 database.
bullet Download Multimedia pictures for PAF 4 or 5

Some of the genealogical data are given as online data that can be viewed with your browser. Other of the data are given as pdf files that can be viewed with the free Adobe® Reader. If you have a recent version of a web browser, you probably already have the reader; if not, click the icon to obtain the reader. While you are viewing the pdf data files, you can save them to your hard drive by clicking File and then Save. If you have problems reading pdf files, download the latest version of the reader.

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To submit family information or to be added to the Bergstedt, Christiansen, and Paulsen email list to receive occasional notices about changes to the site, contact Allen Leigh via the address given below. I respect your privacy and will use your address only for the list; it will not be given to anyone.

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