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In 1997 Simon M. Christiansen wrote a family history that is focused on his parents. The book is titled The Simon & Ingrid Christiansen Legacy,  and the title page contains the following description.

Simon Martin Christiansen
Ingrid Maria Amalie Paulsen

Authorís Notes

The research for this project was by interview, and from written records provided by the families of individuals who had been acquainted with my parents during their life time. The accuracy of the story of Abel Paulsenís investigation and conversion to the Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints was very important since that event played a pivotal roll in the life of my mother and father. The details of Abelís conversion were provided verbally by his children as they remembered them, since they had no recollection of him making a written record. Several years after the publishing of this work, a written record of Abelís story was discovered by members of his family. The version of the story as told in the book, Chapter 4 "Changes Coming" pages 23-25, contains some inaccuracies, but is essentially correct. Abelís conversion story as told by him and transcribed by his daughter, Bergliot, can be found on this web site under the Menu heading "Histories."

Simon Christiansen
November 5, 2003

Simon has graciously given permission for the book to be put online for viewing and printing. The book is a pdf file that can be viewed with the Adobeģ pdf reader. Your version of the Adobeģ reader should be V7.0 or later. If you have an earlier version, click the icon to obtain the current version of the reader. While you are viewing the pdf file, you can save the file to your hard drive by clicking File and then Save. To view the book, click here.

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