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Welcome to the Online Bergstedt, Christiansen, and Paulsen Families! This site is dedicated to the ancestors and descendents of Johan Henrik Bergstedt, Simon Martin Christiansen, Paul Andreas Paulsen, and their wives and all connecting lines.

Paul Andreas Paulsen and his brother, Johan, built the two original houses at Sommarset. Sommarset is located on the west shore of the Øksfjorden, a northern fjord branching off the large Vestfojd which is the large fjord East of the Lofoten Islands. Sommarset is situated on the East side of the Island Hinnøya approximately 240 miles north of Arctic circle.

Norway and Sweden.
Home of the Bergstedt, Christiansen, and Paulsen families.

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Norway and Sweden

Simon Martin Christiansen lived approximately five miles west of Sommarset on the farm Hundness, which is also located on the Island of Hinnøya.

Johan Henrik Bergstedt lived on the island of Hiso across the fjord from Arendal in southern Norway.

Simon Martin Christiansen married Ingrid Paulsen, the youngest daughter of Paul Andreas Paulsen, bringing the two families together. At a later time, the Paulsen and Bergstedt families were joined through the marriage of Abel Paulsen and Borghild Bergstedt.

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